• Notice Guest. SagesPrison is currently in BETA along with these forums. Please feel free to report any bugs if you find any. Thanks!

Announcement Hey! What's UP?

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We need your input!
We are aware of some changes you guys want, better rewards for MineCrates, better rewards for VoteParty, better rewards for Crates, and other things that still need improvement. We want everyone's feedback on what we should add to MineCrates (Please be reasonable), that will make them feel more...

Announcement SagesPrison Season 1 BETA Test!

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Season 1 Testing is here!

It is now time to test the Season 1 game mode, available for all players!

How to join?

You would simply right click the auto join sign in /warp season or do /test!...

Announcement SagesPrison Beta Developement to be halted

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Unfortunately, this weekend(Dec. 21th - Dec. 23), and the rest of the week(Dec. 24th - Jan. 4th), I, as the lead developer, designer, support, manager, moderator, builder, etc. will not be active. This weekend I will be working at my job(which helps keep the server going), and during December 24th through...

Announcement SagesPrison Beta Released!

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The SagesPrison public BETA launch has arrived! You can hop on by using the server IP! We are really excited to allow you all to play on the server and test it as we get closer and closer to launch! I want to thank all of you who will participate in this BETA, and there will be a reward...



Server Open Beta Launch

Open Beta Launched!