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    So we back in the mine
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    Announcement Hey! What's UP?

    We need your input! We are aware of some changes you guys want, better rewards for MineCrates, better rewards for VoteParty, better rewards for Crates, and other things that still need improvement. We want everyone's feedback on what we should add to MineCrates(Please be reasonable), that will...
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    When spigot is blocked. :P

    When spigot is blocked. :p
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    Status Update! :P

    Status Update! :P
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    Announcement SagesPrison Season 1 BETA Test!

    Season 1 Testing is here! It is now time to test the Season 1 game mode, available for all players! How to join? You would simply right click the auto join sign in /warp season or do /test! Then you would wait for the game to start which takes 20 seconds(minimum of 2 players required)...
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    Purchasing a new laptop...

    I got the MacBook Air 2018
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    Who do you hope wins the Super Bowl?

    I am curious on who you hope will win the super bowl! Can't wait to see your guys's ideas! :D
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    Purchasing a new laptop...

    I am planning on purchasing a new laptop and I want your guys's input on what I should get. :P It would be for school. I would like to have something that is light, small, and good on battery life, while still having good performance for around $1,000. Any idea on what I should get?
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    Announcement SagesPrison Beta Developement to be halted

    Hey! Unfortunately, this weekend(Dec. 21th - Dec. 23), and the rest of the week(Dec. 24th - Jan. 4th), I, as the lead developer, designer, support, manager, moderator, builder, etc. will not be active. This weekend I will be working at my job(which helps keep the server going), and during...
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    This account was to test an issue with email confirmation. Please ignore this account, and yes...

    This account was to test an issue with email confirmation. Please ignore this account, and yes, confirmation emails were being sent properly.
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    Announcement SagesPrison Beta Released!

    Radioactive rank was released with a mine, and 5 more prestiges have been released, making a total of 15 prestiges!
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    Announcement SagesPrison Beta Released!

    5 more prestiges were added, for a total of 10. If you guys still feel this isn't enough, let me know and I will add more. :)
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    Announcement SagesPrison Beta Released!

    Hey! The SagesPrison public BETA launch has arrived! You can hop on by using the server IP! We are really excited to allow you all to play on the server and test it as we get closer and closer to launch! I want to thank all of you who will participate in this BETA, and...
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    Announcement SagesPrison Open Beta Starts Sunday, December 9th!

    Beta launch starts at 3:00 P.M. EST(Eastern Time)
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    Updates New Dark Theme

    Hey! We have released a new Dark Theme option for you guys to select! To get to this option, go to the bottom of any page and find the Theme Selector: Then Select the Theme: The theme will then be set. You do the same process if you wish to switch back, but instead choose Default instead of...
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    Bug Report Format

    Hey! Found a bug, here is the format we want you to use for it! What is your username? What is the bug/issue? Can you show us a picture and/or video of the bug? Where is the bug found? Any more details you wish to give us for the bug? I recommend you copy and paste this format above and...
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    Announcement SagesPrison Open Beta Starts Sunday, December 9th!

    Hey! Today I am excited to announce that I, and the staff team feel that we are ready for the server to be released for a public BETA! What this means is that we are now in production to allow for further testing before we release the server fully. Here is what is playable at this open BETA...
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    Hi! I'm starwarsfreak219.

    Hi, you may know me as the owner of SagesPrison, starwarsfreak219. I would like to introduce myself as the main developer/builder/moderator/manager of the server. I really do hope you enjoy SagesPrison as much as I and our staff had building it. Please feel free to ask any questions in the...