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May 16, 2018
SagesPrison Files
We need your input!
We are aware of some changes you guys want, better rewards for MineCrates, better rewards for VoteParty, better rewards for Crates, and other things that still need improvement. We want everyone's feedback on what we should add to MineCrates(Please be reasonable), that will make them feel more valuable, and OP, without breaking the server. PvP is coming to a close very soon! And when that update comes out, we will start our work on some of those things you guys want called Prestige Mines, which I will confirm indefinitely that they will be released in the BETA! Any suggestions or improvements you want added to SagesPrison should be added here: Suggestions or if you are in Discord should be added into the Suggestions Channel(Yes, we actually do look at it. :p).

Changes Coming...
We are going to be updating our Crates plugin for more reliability. Due to this update, shift right clicking a crate will no longer open all your keys. I may contact the developer for a feature request, but for now it is working as intended. We will also be adding a new plugin that replaces Essentials, CMI. With this update, we will have /help back, which will be helpful for new players. We will also be having a permissions overhaul planned so that we can actually get donators their perks. Unfortunately, with this update, brings some issues... Signs are not as easy to make for Disposal, and signs that say [Free] on them will not work entirely. We will have a kits menu though, which will be nice. I really hope to get these updates out.

Current Poll:
Those of you on our Discord may know that we do polls on the discord server. The current one is slated for Donators getting mines or not. Here is what the plan for that is just so you all aren't left in the dark about it(Donators specifically). Our plan:
If we accept Donator Mines(Community votes 'Donator Mines should be a thing...'):

  • Donator Mines will be created
  • Donator Mines will not be used for normal ranks(which makes sense)
  • Donator Mines will be exclusive to Donators(so Millennium will be exclusive to Millennium, Elytra to Elytra, and Sage to Sage).
If we deny Donator Mines(Community votes 'Donator Mines shouldn't be a thing(if so we can add 3 more tiers at launch, 9 more rankups)...'):
  • Donator Mines will not be a thing
  • Donator Mines that are built will be used as regular mines.
  • There will be 3 more tiers, tied in with 9 more rankups at launch, giving a total of 18 rankups total, with 9 tiers.
  • Donators will instead get a Donator Lounge which will have a mine, which will be accessible to every donator.
This is the current status of what's planned. The decision will be made on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019, as soon as we end the poll and get the results.

Development will keep happening in the background, even it if doesn't seem like it. A lot of our time has been spent on updating our Essentials plugin, transferring the Crates to a new plugin, building things, etc. The planned launch month is set for July, but the date is still going to be discussed. There is still a lot of things to do, including a revamp of the Prestige Rewards, and balancing in both the token shop and the normal ranks. I really hope you guys are enjoying the SagesPrison BETA, and will have more updates as updates come through.

Thanks for playing the SagesPrison BETA!
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