SagesPrison Beta Developement to be halted

  • Notice Guest. SagesPrison is currently in BETA along with these forums. Please feel free to report any bugs if you find any. Thanks!


May 16, 2018
SagesPrison Files

Unfortunately, this weekend(Dec. 21th - Dec. 23), and the rest of the week(Dec. 24th - Jan. 4th), I, as the lead developer, designer, support, manager, moderator, builder, etc. will not be active. This weekend I will be working at my job(which helps keep the server going), and during December 24th through January 4th I am going to be on vacation to California. This means that I will not be able to work on the server during this time period. The person who will be in charge of the server and staff at the time of my absence is our Co-Owner ThatOneMinecart. We will be picking up development of the server after the first week or so of my return(I might be working, so who knows? :p). January is going to be a big development phase for our server as we reach closer and closer to launch. I want to remind you all as well that the SagesPrison BETA is resetting when the beta is over, this is due to balancing issues, bug fixes, and any other issues that may be experienced during a beta, as well as it is just a beta, and most servers, games, websites, etc. usually reset the data. The SagesPrison Website will not however be wiped, so things should work there(also Discord won't be wiped). I am sorry for the inactivity for these few weeks, but I can reassure you things will be worked when I get back. Thanks for playing SagesPrison! :)