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  • Notice Guest. SagesPrison is currently in BETA along with these forums. Please feel free to report any bugs if you find any. Thanks!
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May 16, 2018
SagesPrison Files

The SagesPrison public BETA launch has arrived! You can hop on by using the server IP! We are really excited to allow you all to play on the server and test it as we get closer and closer to launch! I want to thank all of you who will participate in this BETA, and there will be a reward to all that play the BETA. Here is what is currently in action:
  • Prisoner1-IceMan3 Ranks - 2 Total Ranks, 6 Total Tiers
  • 5 Prestige's
  • 2 Mines - Spawn Mine, and Iceman Mine
  • Rankup, Vote, Common, and Un-Common Crates
  • Donation Ranks - Mines coming soon, starting with Sage, then Elytra, and then Millennium
  • MineCrates
  • Daily Rewards
  • Kits
  • Plots
  • PvP - Will come with a new PvP arena soon, just using current one for now. :p
  • Shop - Still in Developement, but you can buy Glass and Wood from it!
  • TOS made by server launch
  • Server Icon Updated on server launch
  • Token Shops along with enchantments - More enchants to be possibly added
  • Bug Fixing - Throughout the BETA there will be many bug fixes and tweaks to things
I and the staff team hope you enjoy the server as much as we did making it. If you find any bugs, be sure to report them here. If you have any questions ask them here. Thanks for playing! ☺
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