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May 16, 2018
SagesPrison Files
Server Rules:
  1. No Hacking (30 Day Ban + Warning) - No Hacked Clients are Allowed!
  2. No Exploiting Glitches (3 Day Ban + Warning) - If you find a glitch report it to our Staff Team by posting it in the Bug Reports section!
  3. No Hackusating (10 Minute Mute + Warning) - "You're Hacking!", if someone is Hacking, post it in the Player Reports Section with a video/evidence
  4. No Spamming/Advertising (1 Day Mute + Warning) - Advertising other servers is not allowed!
  5. No Chargeback (Donation Rank Stripped + Entire Account Reset) - Chargeback's hurt the server in a big way! Get your parent's permission before purchasing a Donation Rank!
  6. Disrespect to Players/Staff (10 Minute Mute + Warning) - Disrespecting Players or Staff is not allowed!
  7. Alerting and asking staff about your application (Possibility of being denied a staff position) - "How's my application?", "Can you check my application please?". We will read it when we see it, so please don't ask about your application.
  8. Botting on the server (Permanent Ban) - Botting refers to spam logging with a bunch of minecraft accounts. Each account will be banned and each IP those accounts connect to will be banned.
  9. Threatening players (7 Day Mute + Warning) - "I am going to DDOS you!" and any other things taken as a threat to someone is not allowed. Continuous violation of this and you get permanently muted.
  10. DDOSing the server (Permanent Ban) - DDOSing the server is not allowed! If you are caught DDOSing, you will be permanently banned!
Forum Rules:
  1. No Spamming/Advertising (30 Day Ban + Warning) - Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed!
  2. Disrespect to Players/Staff (15 Day Ban(If excessive) + Warning) - Disrespecting Players or Staff is not allowed!
  3. No Exploiting Glitches (5 Day Ban + Warning) - Exploiting glitches on the site is not permitted, if there are any glitches, report them in Bug Reports so we can fix it!
  4. No Impersonating Staff (10 Day Ban + Warning) - Don't impersonate staff, if there is an issue, please report it to our staff so we can promptly solve an issue there may be.
  5. Creating an account just to spam links or advertising is not allowed (Permanent Ban) - Any form of using an account to spam links will result in a permanent ban. These spam links are not allowed at all and will be punished asap, so don't do it!
Continuous breaking of these rules can and will result in a permanent punishment. This applies for both the main server, the forums, and our discord!

Thanks for playing SagesPrison!
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